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Welcome to  Captain R.B.'s Crew!! Aye love the sea... everything in and on her! I hope that ye share this passion with me! Most the time I be ramblin' on some yarn but when I start singin' sea chanteys ye best join & have fun! Some people have asked how t’ correctly pronounce my name... if ye wish to say it right it be Captain ArrrrB.... And if ye visit my YouTube or Fiverr locations that funky name that ye see Tyrs4u2 be said “Tears for you too.” Aye, it be kinda strange but one of my beliefs that I’ve come to embrace because of me travels is that life is meant to be lived and felt. Laugh til you cry, cry until you laugh!  If ye already be a part of me crew welcome back!! If yer not sure yet if you want to set sail with us check out the site, visit arrr Facebook and YouTube channel!! When yer ready make your mark in the ledger (*cough* Like the Facebook page, Subscribe to Tyrs4u2, and bookmark this site), stow yer gear, and have some fun, matey!! Thar be some screenshots of me apps and links to where ye can obtain them in the Fun&Games section. Oh! And I have to ask... you don’t get sea sick do ya?? ;)